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For Borun, responsibility not only means consistent product quality, but it also means our commitment to small carbon footprint, energy efficiency, and environmental protection.

Throughout the production processes from design, raw material sourcing, and manufacture, to finished product leaving factory, we make every effort to minimize the use of raw material and energy, in an attempt to achieve sustainable development.

Cleaner Production
In our manufacturing process, we choose the most suitable material and production equipment to produce different products while avoiding generating any waste. Moreover, we constantly update our production techniques and bring new, advanced equipment into use to conserve energy and improve our production efficiency.

Production Regulation Enforcement
We enforce stringent regulations within our entire production process. All our employees should perform production according to the codes of practice. We also assign staff to oversee the whole process.

Continual Self-Improvement
We participate actively in big exhibitions or seminars to learn new production technology. We also discuss with our peers about the industry dynamics and development trends, through which we could mutually learn and improve. After that, we get the new concepts and techniques across to our employees. Meanwhile if our engineers come up with more effective production technology or more scientific production methods, we will hold meetings to let everybody learn and reward the contributors.

Environmental Protection
Our factory has a complete set of sewage treatment system. Sewage or waste water produced by the factory will be treated to the standard before it can be emitted. The remainder left after the production will be transported to and reclaimed by the waste material recycling company.