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Over the years, we have been seeking ways to meet customer needs from all facets of our operations as well as be truly dedicated to the success of customer's operations. We are always there for customers 24 hours a day, to resolve their concerns via telephone, email, and the internet.

Prior to Purchase
Based on customer specific requirements, we are able to provide the optimal price quote to him or her. Our commitment is to save customer money as best we can.

Let's take shipment as an example. Depending on the weight and volume of goods to be delivered, we will select the most suitable container.

I. A small carton will be used, should the ordered product be shorter than 6 meters and its weight not exceed 25 tons
II. If the pipe measures less than 6 meters in length and 10 tons in weight, we recommend using the LCL service, whereby the ordered goods will be put into a container that is shared with other customer's goods.
III. For pipes with lengths between 6 meters and 12 meters and weight above 100tons, we will provide two shipping options: 40GP container or bulk material shipment service.
IV. In other cases, customer's goods may vary diversely in size. Under this circumstance, we would like to customize a more suitable mixed packing solution to help customers cut expenses charged for shipping and custom clearance.
V. If what customers have ordered belongs to the non-conventional product type, we can assist them to work out a packing drawing that they can refer to.

During Purchase
Throughout the entire process of customers placing orders, we will assign specialized staff to oversee each of the steps. During the production process, we will arrange one man to perform project follow-up. For any factors that may affect project schedule, we will communicate with customers in a timely manner, to ensure the remaining work of the project can be done smoothly.

When the production is complete, our sales advisor will contact the shipping company to book a cargo for shipment. We have an experienced shipping company and proven transportation team work for us. Hence, the shipping cost is expected to be low and shipping service to be good.

As to big orders, we will send our men to oversee the entire goods loading process, to avoid mis-load or underweight load. After the goods is shipped out, we will continually send shipment status updates to customers so that they can be well prepared for customer clearance. Each of our men is charged with a specific task during delivery. So we can trace out any mistake made in this process.

After Purchase
We would like to listen to customer's feedback on the products. If our product is not the same as we have contracted to deliver, or any product problem occurs due to elements of non-human activities, customers can send it back and we will make up for the loss incurred. In their next order, they will get a 1% to 2% discount off of the market price of the products.

Utilizing many years of experience in export sales, Borun has built up its own dedicated, proven sales team. We have also formed our own management system to better manage the production, sales, and service.

We will work closely with customers over a wide range of issues, build mutual trust, and seek long term common development.