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Manufacturing Strength

Wellbore Casing Production Process
Raw material Inspection - Female Thread Cutting on the Lathe - Pre - Screwing the Casing Coupling onto the Casing - Hydrostatic Testing - Male Thread Cutting on the Lathe - Mounting Thread Protector onto both Casing Ends - Paint Spraying and Stenciling - Acceptance into Warehouse

Raw Material Stockyard
Raw materials should be checked for rust and damage prior to being accepted into the stockyard. This is to make sure the quality of material complies with the standard so that it will not become a factor that impacts the subsequent processing.

Raw Material for Large-Diameter Borehole Casing Raw Material Raw Material Stockyard

Borun workshop is outfitted with advanced lathe, where various female and male threads can be cut into the borehole casing and casing coupling. This ensures an improved production rate and the good quality of finished product.

Male Thread Cutting on the Lathe Female Thread Cutting on the Lathe

Automatic Paint Sprayer
Simply preparing a well-mixed paint and setting a proper time is all we need to do when using an automatic paint sprayer. After the spraying, the paint on the surface of borehole casing soon dries. Then, the casing is all ready to receive the stenciling process.

Automatic Paint Sprayer Products after Paint Spraying

Hydrostatic Testing Machine
After the female thread is cut in one end of the borehole casing, a casing coupling can then be pre-screwed onto that end. To ensure the coupling and female threads are tightly engaged, the joint needs to go through a hydrostatic test. That test is a must because the engagement between the female thread and coupling is an important factor to consider, which will affect the whole manufacturing process of borehole casing and production piping. It is a prerequisite to a proper functioning of pipes when used in the wellbore.

Stenciling in our company can be done automatically or by manual operation. This process can be performed in compliance with APE 5CT standard or the specification required by the customer.

Shear Gauge or Dimension Control Device
The pipe can be cut to different lengths, depending on customer specified requirements. However, cutting generates wastes and wastes cost customers money. In general cases, the borehole casing will be cut according to the APE 5CT specification which can be further divided into three grades: R1, R2, and R3.