1. Hot-rolled Seamless PipeDuring the manufacturing process, the undesired microstructure of the ingot can be broken down and the grains in that structure can be re-arranged and refined to eliminate any structural defects. The result is that our steel product has enhanced mechanical properties and granularity.
    1. Cold Drawn Seamless PipeSteel tubes often need to be drawn several times in order to produce the required shape and tolerance. Between each drawing pass, the material should be annealed to restore some ductility and prepare it for further processing. From the outside, you can see that the cold-drawn seamless pipe ...
    1. API Seamless Line PipeAPI linepipe-making process is similar to that of the ordinary seamless steel pipe, but the former has more stringent precision and tolerance band requirements to meet. In order for a better understanding of our API 5L linepipe, we give the following detailed specification and order information for reference.
    1. ASTM Seamless PipesUtilizing seamless pipes to make circular parts minimizes the use of raw material, simplifies the manufacturing process and saves manufacturing time. Typical examples of circular parts are the outer and inner rings of rolling bearing as well as the jack bushing. In addition, the pipe is an indispensable item in making conventional weapons including guns and artilleries.
    1. Seamless Alloy-Steel PipesOne of the most pleasing features of our alloy-steel tubular product is that it can be totally reclaimed in good condition. The recycling action is in line with the national strategy on energy efficiency and environmental protection. Hence, the country is gearing another boost in the alloy-steel pipe applications in new fields ...

Seamless Steel Pipes

There are plenty of applications for the seamless steel pipe. Seamless pipes intended for general purpose are usually made from plain carbon steel, low-alloy carbon steel, or alloy steel through a process known as rolling. Those pipes usually exist in large quantities. They can be used as line pipes or other structural members in the fluid transfer system.

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