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Hot-rolled Seamless Pipe

The hot rolled seamless pipe is made of ingots of heated metal that has been subjected to perforating, rolling, sizing and reducing, and flattening processes. General flow of the pipe manufacturing process is listed in the following.

Solid Round Billet - Heating - Perforating - Rolling through Three Obliquely Oriented Rolls - Continuous Rolling - Squeezing - Detaching - Sizing or Reducing - Cooling - Straightening, Flattening or Leveling - Hydrostatic Testing(or Non-Destructive Inspection) - Marking - Acceptance into Warehouse

The hot rolled seamless pipe can be divided into different types according to its application. Some are ordinary steel pipes while others can be used in the low-, medium- and high-pressure boilers. There are also alloy steel pipes, stainless steel pipes, pipes used in the oil cracking process, pipes for geological applications, and many other pipes.

Construction applications are a common use of our seamless pipe, where it is employed to transport liquid in underground pipeline, draw underground water up to a height for building a house, or transfer hot water out from the boiler. Another use of our pipe is in the machining process, where it can be made into the bearing bush and other mechanical parts. The pipe is also seen in the transportation of fuel gas, or fluids used in the hydroelectric power plant. When made into an anti-static tube, the pipe can be used in the wind power plant.

During the manufacturing process, the undesired microstructure of the ingot can be broken down and the grains in that structure can be re-arranged and refined to eliminate any structural defects. The result is that our steel product has enhanced mechanical properties and granularity.

The above re-crystallization process can be achieved by controlling precisely the temperature at which the machining processes are performed, from the initial rolling, through finish rolling, to the bending process. For detailed specification, please refer to the following parameters.

1. Process: hot rolling
2. Standards: GB/T8162/8163/3087/5310, ASME B36 10, ASTM A106/A53, API 5L/5CT, DIN2448/1629, EN10210/10219
3. Specification:
OD(Outside Diameter): 3"-24" (73mm-610mm)
WT(Wall Thickness): SCH10-SCHXXS
4. Materials: 10#, 20#,45#, 20G,16Mn, GRB, Q345B, X42-56, ST44, ST52,S355 etc.
5. Testing: Eddy current, Hydrostatic, Ultrasonic, Intergranular corrosion etc.
6. Packing: in bundles with steel strips, seaworthy packing as per customer's requirements
7. Application: Hot-rolled seamless pipes are widely used in fluid transmission such as petroleum, natrural gas, coal gas, waster as well as shipbuilding, large constructions, machinery, chemical fertilizer equipment, electricity industry etc.

Over the years, our company has been working on the pipe products import and export business. Borun has become a household name in nation-wide pipe industry. It maintains collaborative relationships with many large domestic steel companies. International customers from South Asia, Middle East, Europe, and America often give us high praise with regard to our premium product quality and dedicated customer service.

We stick to the path of continuously improving our product quality and providing first-class service. Hence, we are keen to build up long-term cooperative relationships with customers. We are confident that our professional team will win customer's satisfaction.

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