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API Thread Protectors

The API thread protector is used to shield threaded ends of pipes during transportation and storage. It is most commonly made of plastic or steel and can be screwed onto the pipe automatically or by hands.

This series of protector is frequently seen in the oil and gas industry, where it is employed to offer protection against physical damage, corrosion, or the ingress of contaminants during transportation to the oil and gas fields. The metal type protector can be cleaned, and is suitable for repeated use. The plastic version also allows re-use, or it will be recycled.

As an indispensable item generally used in combination with other oil country tubular products, the thread protector serves to ward off the impact during pipe loading and unloading as well as any potential damage during pipe transportation. The polyethylene used for protector-making serves as the aggregate, which combines with the steel matrix to form a metal matrix composite. The resulting material exhibits good resistance to impact and peeling-off. Its whole structure has good dimensional stability while being used at low temperatures. The properties of the product meet the requirements of API 5CT specification.

In addition to the above protector that is made of composite material, we also offer the pure plastic version. There is temptation to choose the plastic protector due to its lower cost compared with one made of metal matrix composite material. The plastic version has been very popular among domestic customers while the latter is mainly manufactured for export.

Our company provides an assortment of thread protectors available in various specifications, attractive appearance, and with outstanding performance. Upon request, we can apply different colors to the product surface. Thus far, this series of product has been sold to many countries. It is well reviewed by international customers.

Note: Product sample is available.

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