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OCTG Pup Joint

The OCTG pup joint is a pipe that can be cut to different lengths. It is used to make up the casing string to the exact required total length.

Our pup joint takes two different forms, flange connection and threaded ends, according to the way the joint is connected to the casing string. The threaded version is further classified into two types. One comes with male threads at both ends, and the other type comes with male and female threads at each end, respectively. According to the usage, the joint also can be divided into two categories, production tubing joint and pipe casing joint.

1. The joint body exhibits good mechanical strength and overall performance.
2. The threads on the joint are cut on the NC machine. This ensures the high precision of the threads and enhanced use life of the joint.
3. Phosphate coating or copper plating gives the joint good wear resistance.

1. Standard: API SPEC 5CT&5B / ISO11960
2. Steel Grade: J55/K55/N80/L80/P110/C95
3. Outside Diameter of Tubing Joint: From 2-3/8"(60.3mm) to 4.5"(114.60mm)
4. Pipe End: EUE/NUE
5. Outside Diameter of Casing Joint: From 4-1/2"(114.3mm) to 20"(508mm),
6. Threads: BTC, LTC, STC.
7. Lengths: 2,3,4,6,8,10 12 ft (with other lengths available upon request)
8. Surface Treatment: Coating
9. Protection of Thread: Thread protector
10. Packing: By wooden case, wooden pallet, or according to customer specific requirements

We can hand make bespoke pup joint products for production tubing and wellbore casing to any length with any steel grade. Aside from the common threads like LTC, STC, BTC, EU, NU, we can also provide joints with premium connections, such as VAM, VAM TOP, and NEW VAM.

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