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Casing Pipe

Process Flow Diagram for the Production of Casing pipe

The casing pipe, or well casing as some might call it, is a large-diameter pipe that serves as a support to strengthen the sides of oil or natural gas wellbore. It is installed inside a freshly drilled well and held into place by cement. The primary purpose of casing pipe is to prevent the top of the well from caving in as well as helps circulate the drilling fluid up from the bottom of the well, thereby facilitating well drilling and oil extracting.

During oil extraction, different types of well casings are used. The purpose of surface casing, for example, is to protect fresh water zone and shallow gas zone from oil or gas contamination. Another noteworthy device is the casing hanger, which is installed in the well head and hangs the casing.

The intermediate casing performs the function of minimizing the hazard of high pressure that comes along with different formations. High pressure may cause sever problems like abnormal drilling fluid flow rate and production pipe deformation. Using intermediate casing also comes with other benefits. It facilitates the installation of the pipe crack preventer, leak-proof device, and tail pipe.

The production casing is the deepest section of casing in the well. It provides a conduit from the surface of the well to the underground oil- or gas-producing formation. The outside diameter of the production casing usually measures from 114.3mm to 508mm.

Recent years of development has seen a wider application of our casing pipes, mainly in the oil line, natural gas line, coal gas line, electricity generating station, and reservoir.

The casing pipe provided by our company mainly uses seamless steel pipes as its raw material, though there are longitudinal welded pipes used for casing-making when large diameter and bespoke wall thickness are called for. Both ends of the casing will be cut to receive threads. One threaded end is connected to the casing collar while the other end is fitted with thread protector.

In other cases, different grade casing materials might be required by the customer. Correspondingly, we will use different casing collars. If measured by the strength of steel used to make the casing pipe, our product can be assigned to various grades including J55, K55, N80, L80, C90, T95, P110, and Q125.

Process: seamless or electric resistance welded
Standard: API 5CT latest version
Outside Diameter: 4-1/2''--20'' (114.3-508mm)
Steel Material: H40, J55, K55, N80, L80, L80-13Cr, P110 C90 etc.
Thread Types: LTC/LCSG, STC/CSG, BTC/BCSG, VAM, NEW VAM,VAM TOP and other premium connections which can be made as per the given drawings.
Length Range: R1(4.88-7.62m), R2(7.62-10.36m), R3(10.36-12m)
Surface Treatment: External coating for anti-rust
Raw Material Supplier: TPCO, TSPP, LUXING, BAOSTEEL etc.

Casing pipes
Standard: API SPEC 5CT

Outside Diameter Specified(mm)
Nominal Weight Threads & Coupling Steel Grade W.T (mm) Type of Thread
Ib/ft Short Long Buttress TG-QMI
114.30(4 1/2") 9.50 H,J,K 5.21 YES
10.50 J,K 5.69 YES YES
11.60 J,K,C,L,N,P 6.35 YES YES YES
13.50 C,L,N,P 7.37 YES YES
15.10 P,Q 8.56 YES YES
127.00(5") 11.50 J,K 5.59 YES
13.00 J,K 6.43 YES YES YES
15.00 J,K,C,L,N,P 7.52 YES YES YES
18.00 C,L,N,P,Q 9.19 YES YES
21.40 C,L,N,P,Q 11.10 YES YES
23.20 C,L,N,P,Q 12.14 YES YES
24.10 C,L,N,P,Q 12.70 YES YES
139.70(5 1/2") 14.00 H,J,K 6.20 YES
15.50 J,K 6.98 YES YES YES YES
17.00 J,K,C,L,N,P 7.72 YES YES YES YES
20.00 C,L,N,P 9.17 YES YES YES
23.00 C,L,N,P,Q 10.54 YES YES YES
168.28(6 5/8") 20.00 H,J,K 7.32 YES YES YES
24.00 J,K,C,L,N,P 8.94 YES YES YES
28.00 C,L,N,P 10.59 YES YES
32.00 C,L,N,P,Q 12.06 YES YES
177.80(7") 20.00 H,J,K 6.91 YES
23.00 J,K,C,L,N 8.05 YES YES YES YES
26.00 J,K,C,L,N,P 9.19 YES YES YES YES
29.00 C,L,N,P 10.36 YES YES YES
32.00 C,L,N,P 11.51 YES YES YES
35.00 C,L,N,P,Q 12.65 YES YES YES
38.00 C,L,N,P,Q 13.72 YES YES YES
193.68(7 5/8") 24.00 H 7.62 YES
26.40 J,K,C,L,N 8.33 YES YES YES
29.70 C,L,N,P 9.52 YES YES
33.70 C,L,N,P 10.92 YES YES
39.00 C,L,N,P,Q 12.70 YES YES
42.80 C,L,N,P,Q 14.27 YES YES
45.30 C,L,N,P,Q 15.11 YES YES
47.10 C,L,N,P,Q 15.88 YES YES
196.85(7 3/4") 46.10 C,L,N,P,Q 15.11
219.08(8 5/8") 24.00 J,K 6.71 YES
28.00 H 7.72 YES
32.00 H,J,K 8.94 YES YES YES
36.00 J,K,C,L,N 10.16 YES YES YES
40.00 C,L,N,P 11.43 YES YES
44.00 C,L,N,P 12.70 YES YES
49.00 C,L,N,P,Q 14.15 YES YES
244.48(9 5/8") 32.30 H 7.92 YES
36.00 H,J,K 8.94 YES YES YES YES
40.00 J,K,C,L,N 10.03 YES YES YES
43.50 C,L,N,P 11.05 YES YES YES
47.00 C,L,N,P,Q 11.99 YES YES YES
53.50 C,L,N,P,Q 13.84 YES YES YES
273.05(10 3/4") 32.75 H 7.09 YES
40.50 H,J,K 8.89 YES YES
45.50 J,K 10.16 YES YES
51.00 J,K,C,L,N,P 11.43 YES YES
55.50 C,L,N,P 12.57 YES YES
60.70 P,Q 13.84 YES YES
65.70 P,Q 15.11 YES YES
298.45(11 3/4") 42.00 H 8.46 YES
47.00 J,K,M 9.53 YES YES
54.00 J,K,M 11.05 YES YES
60.00 J,K,M,L,N,C,P,Q 12.42 YES YES
339.7(13 3/8") 48.00 H 8.38 YES
54.50 J,K 9.65 YES YES
61.00 J,K 10.92 YES YES
68.00 J,K,C,L,N,P 12.19 YES YES
72.00 C,L,N,P,Q 13.06 YES YES
406.40(16") 65.00 H 9.53 YES
75.00 J,K,M 11.13 YES YES
84.00 J,K,M 12.57 YES YES
473.08(18 5/8") 87.50 H,J,K,M 11.05 YES YES YES
508.00(20") 94.00 H,J,K 11.13 YES YES YES
106.50 J,K 12.70 YES YES YES
133.00 J,K 16.13 YES YES YES

The casing pipe is one of our core products that have been sold to Indonesia, Korea, Singapore, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Nigeria, Algeria, Turkey, Saudi Arabian, UAE, Oman, Yemen, Bahrain, Iran, Venezuela, Columbia, and Peru.

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